Hello, my name is Camilla and I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to Sigridsminde! Our farmhouse on Aeroe island in Denmark, where we do our best to live slow, simple and seasonal. My goal is to give you moments of beauty, connection and tranquility in a busy everyday life:

A small glimpse on my Instagram page
The stories from our daily life on my blog
A daily impact in your own home through my photographic wall art
A stay in our farmhouse B&B
An intimate wedding celebration in our gardens
Participating in one of my photography & lifestyle workshops

I passionately believe that we all deserve to live a life that is slower and more intentional than what society, politics and economy shape us to do today. I believe community and honesty is a big part of the way to reach that goal. So I am happy to share my own personal journey and experience with stress and depression. I hope my story will help others to be more open, too, so we can all live more healthy happy lives.