Hello and welcome to Sigridsminde. My name is Camilla, I am a photographer, home-cook, nature lover and country girl. I call Denmark - and more specifically Ærø island - my home but consider myself a citizen of the world. My work as a destination wedding photographer used to take me far and wide around the world, but now I try to stick closer to home, which is where I rest and recharge. I share this seaside slice of heaven with my husband, our two kids and a steadily growing number of animals. 

In the fall of 2014 I was hit by a severe case of stress which turned into a 6 month long depression. I was simply 'done'. With the combination of the never-dealt-with emotional baggage of a confusing childhood and highly stressful youth (which you can read about here and here if you'd like), becoming a mother and caring for two small children, while starting and running my own business and completely neglecting my own physical and mental health, my body and mind gave up. I had the option to medicate my way out of depression or to handle it myself, by making dramatic changes in the way I treat myself, my work and my life in general including the people I love. I chose the latter, and haven't regretted it. For almost 6 months I didn't eat sugar or gluten, I went to bed much earlier each night, and I cancelled or said no to everything in my personal and social life and in my photography business which was not absolutely essential or necessary. As an ambitious people pleaser, learning to say no but thanks has been one of the toughest and most valuable learning experiences of my life.

Now I say no a lot. I work consciously with myself on a consistent basis to make sure I take care of my body's most basic needs, sleep, hydration, healthy and consistent meals, meditation, fresh air and frequent breaks. I don't try to remember anything in my head anymore, I write everything down. I've had to teach myself that it is okay to sometimes sit and stare and do nothing for a few minutes. Of course there are days when life just gets in the way, especially when you have small children, but then I stear myself back on the right course as quickly as possible. I am also highly aware of my mental patterns: of forgiving myself and others when I feel that I/they have let me down, of showing and truly feeling compassion and kindness towards myself and others. And especially of living my life true to my core values and beliefs.

My work is inspired by my everyday life (preferably as slow as possible), nature and the changing seasons of Scandinavia: afternoon swims in the sea, long light summer nights and fresh strawberries; crashing waves, warm socks and cooking outside over open fire; searching for great finds at flea markets, gathering family and friends around a table for a homecooked organic meal. I never want 'pretty', but I am always searching for beauty. 

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All photos of me by Maria Fynsk Norup