Sigridsminde is a humble farm house on the tiny Danish island, Ærø, and owned by international photographer Camilla Jørvad and her husband Bjarne. Sigridsminde is at the centre of our desire to live a slow thoughtful life in harmony with nature and the changing seasons, and being as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. 

For those who do not speak Danish, Sigridsminde means 'In memory of Sigrid'. Sigrid was a kind hearted woman who adopted Bjarne's father when he was very young and came to be a very important person in his life. The family still clearly recalls how Sigrid used to walk around in the garden in the last few years of her life, with her head scarf and apron on, feeding the chickens while making her distinct chuck chuck sounds. It was always in the cards that Bjarne was meant to take over the farm house at some point and Camilla had always wanted to live in a place similar to where she grew up, in close contact with nature, this place became a shared dream. 

In the spring of 2014, some research in local archives revealed as expected that the farm did not have a name. So we found a carpenter who specialized in hand-cut wooden signs and had a little 'ceremony' where we named the house 'Sigridsminde' in honour of the woman who embodied many of the values we share: human connection, family, kindness, strength, home-cooking, self-sufficiency, and living seasonally. Every time we enter our driveway and see that wooden sign, it reminds us why we have chosen the life we have.

We feel that this big house and this amazing little spot on earth could be more than just a home for our family. And we have lots of ideas of how we can share the joys of living here with other people.

We are always interested in collaborations and creative projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an exciting idea.