Ærø is a small island in the South Funen Archipelago in Denmark, a 1 hour and 15 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Sailing through the beautiful Svendborg Sound and passing by numerous small islands both inhabited and uninhabited, the ferry ride is a transition; time well spent leaving the hustle and bustle of the mainland behind both physically and mentally and preparing yourself for the peaceful beauty of Ærø island. With a fascinating maritime history, a close knit and friendly community of artists, entrepreneurs, idea makers and nature lovers, the romantic old town of Ærøskøbing, the hiking trail ‘øhavsstien’, and the ever present and ever changing personality of the surrounding sea, the island will welcome you with open arms and never leave your heart.

If you arrive by car it is important to book your spot on the ferry: www.aeroe-ferry.dk

And you can find more information and inspiration for your trip here: www.visitaeroe.dk

My favourite places on Ærø:

Den Gamle Købmandsgaard (cafe and store/farmer's market with a focus on unique locally made quality products from Ærø and the South of Fyn)

Cafe Aroma (small cafe and fish restaurant which also serves the world's best homemade ice cream)

Mumm (restaurant with lots of lovely options for dinner, traditional cooking)

Rise bryggeri (our local brewery with guided tours, shop and cafe)

Voderup Klint

Skjoldnæs Fyr (Lighthouse at the very North tip of the island with a beautiful view of South Fyn and the islands)